Why Work With a Coach? 

So glad you asked!  The primary advantage to working with a marketing coach to attract more clients is that when the process of accessing, nurturing, and developing your own marketing genius is over, you have more than just more clients, you have the skills you need to keep yourself  in business for many years to come.  Oh sure, you could (probably) hire somebody to do some marketing for you, but it would cost a lot (marketing expertise does not come cheap), and your OWN marketing expertise will never walk out the door.

The “give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day, but teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime” approach to your marketing adds value to you, as well as to your business.  Wouldn’t you rather know how to get your own clients, now and forever, than depend on somebody else to do it for you?  After all, isn’t this why you’re in business for yourself–because you want to do things your way?  In todays market, a marketing coach is as necessary for your business as your accountant or lawyer.

With a marketing coach, YOU do the work, NOT the coach.  You don’t want to have to gamble your business success on anyone other than yourself (do you?).  So it makes sense to work with a coach to acquire and develop the skills (not to mention the clients!) that will contribute to your success, rather than enrich a consultant who will take all that accumulated knowledge and expertise out the door when the project is over.

Bottom line, if you are willing to take the responsibility and make an investment in your own successful future, then working with a marketing coach WILL be the best strategy for you.

Consulting service is a marketing service where we offer our expertise and coach our clients so they can make better and more profitable decisions when it comes to marketing. Currently, we offer E-Commerce, Marketing, and Social Media coaching packages.

Consulting consists of  initial phone interview followed by 1-2 hours onsite interview. Client is updated on weekly basis with a report and analyst of current strategies in place.