Referral Program

Internet Marketing Sense Partnership Program

Internet Marketing Sense is proud to offer a partnership program to clients and non-clients alike. Our partnership program is not a onetime reward, it continues on a monthly basis as long as the referred client keeps using our services.

There is no cap on how many clients you can refer to us.


In a case where a current client (client A) refers a new client (client B) to Internet Marketing Sense, client A will receive 20% of client B’s monthly bill.

Commissions are paid only for the duration in which the new client is a customer of ours. As long as client B is paying for our services, client A will keep receiving 20% of client B’s bill.


For every client that is referred to us by non-client, we will pay 15% of the new clients monthly bill to the non-client as long as the referred client stays with us.

The referral reward of 15% per client is not a onetime reward. We will give 15% of total monthly spending of any referred client for every month they keep using our services.

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